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Whether you're rebuilding your engine, doing a head/ring job, or just repairing some leaky spots, the use of high quality OEM or aftermarket precision engine gaskets, seals, o-rings, and hardware will make all the difference in the world insuring a leak-free final result. Why do a critical task such as an engine rebuild without doing it 100% Do it once and doing it right is the way to save time, money, and effort! Here’s a nice virtual tour of a professional rebuild process:

Engine removal and teardown:

Teardown continued:

Engine prep work:

More engine prep work:

Engine re-assembly:

Below you will find an assortment of OE-quality ENGINE GASKET KITS, OIL SEAL KITS, O-RINGS KITS, and HARDWARE KITS that will make your engine service work easier and more affordable. Many of these products are produced by an OEM gasket supplier, and the gasket kits contain all of the major items needed either when doing a head service, piston re-ring, or cam chain replacement in the TOP-END GASKET KIT. Additionally, all of the major side cover gaskets are also included in a ENGINE REBUILD GASKET KIT.

Head gaskets are made of a graphite material and feature a steel core and are resistant to 500-degrees Celsius, making them of outstanding quality and durability, while all other major gaskets are made from Klingersil AC11-600 or Garlock 3760 material, generally acknowledged as the finest gasket materials available in the market today. ALL of the gaskets are asbestos-free.

The same comprehensive assortment of needed o-rings and crush washers are included in our TOP-END O-RINGS & CRUSH WASHERS KITS and the ENGINE REBUILD O-RINGS & CRUSH WASHERS KITS. And the same quality and completeness can be found in the
TOP-END HARDWARE KITS and the ENGINE REBUILD HARDWARE KITS, which contain the proper assortment of the alignment pins and collars used in various places.

And of course our complete ENGINE REBUILD OIL SEAL KITS contain all of the heavy-duty oil seals used in your engine, and helps assure that your rebuild job is complete and results in leak-free operation.

Note that in all cases, in order to obtain ALL of the items to do a complete job, you will need to purchase a combination of a gasket kit, o-ring and washers kit, an oil seals kit, and the appropriate hardware kit.

Obviously, if you need just one or two specific gaskets, then our line of individual OEM or aftermarket gaskets are just the ticket for you.

And finally, don’t forget the use of proper ENGINE TOOLS and CHEMICALS necessary for the proper tear-down, cleaning, and re-sealing of the various gaskets and seals.

TOP-END KITS contain all of the parts needed when doing anything except an engine case teardown……..so they contain all the items needed when performing service work on the cylinder jugs, heads, and cams. There are no engine side covers, oil pan, nor any internal or external engine case items included in the top-end kits.

COMPLETE ENGINE KITS contain all of the items in the top-end kits, plus all of the other necessary items when performing a complete engine teardown.

By the way, the firing order for the XJ550 thru XJ900 engines is 1-2-4-3, with the two center pistons coming up while the two outer pistons are going down, and the direction of engine rotation is in the same direction as your tires rotate when moving forward.

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