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As much as we all love our bikes..........especially when we're challenged by the many and varied tasks necessary to repair, rebuild, or maintain them (after all, this is what makes a 'biker' and a "guy who rides motorcycles" different) ....... sometimes it can be more of a challenge to find the proper, honest, experienced advice and know-how necessary to proceed with such tasks, than it is to actually perform such tasks!

Welcome to the Information Overload Hour..........where all of your best laid plans and dreams can eventually come true, but you're going to have to march----upside down on your hands while juggling B-B's with your toes----thru heck and high water just to find the real, solid info that you'll need (besides the parts, the tools, and the cold beers) to get the job done right, the first time around.

Enough of that nonsense, that's what we say!

So to make your life a little bit easier, and much more successful, we've compiled a list of some of the most useful HOW-TO threads that can give you ideas, lend a (virtual) helping hand, and allow you to spend more of your time with a torque wrench in your hands rather than risking carpal-tunnel syndrome from mindless hours of searching, searching, and more searching for the real answers that you need.

NOTE: the following guides (and all others, for that matter) are absolutely no substitute (none, zip, zero, zilch) for having the proper tools necessary to accomplish any task properly, and the most important tool that you can have in your tool-chest is a factory or aftermarket Workshop Manual for your specific bike. Don't short-change yourself and potentially risk life and limb by being penny-wise and pound-foolish: beg, borrow, or steal the correct manual for your bike, and live happily ever after........

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